4 Snow Day Activities For Your Family

Snowed in? Getting cabin fever?


Sometimes the weather forces us to take a moment to just be- no rushing, no going—time to stay in the comfort of our home. But what is there to do?

Here are four ideas for fun as a family:

1. Cooking: Cooking is a wonderful way to have quality time as a family. Children enjoy being part of the process—following a recipe, adding ingredients and tasting the final result. In turn, they learn how to follow directions, develop fine-motor skills and are challenged creatively.


Board Games

2. Board Games: Remember Candy Land, Chutes & Ladders, Monopoly? As a Child and Family Therapist, I see first hand how much fun is had while playing games, but it's not only about the fun. Children learn valuable social skills from games, such as how to be flexible, take turns and to be a good sport. 


3. Mindfulness: Do an exercise in mindful eating as a family. Tell your children to pretend that they are from another planet. They are about to try a raisin for the first time. First have them smell this odd looking, wrinkled object. What does it smell like? Have them feel the raisin? Is it squishy? Soft? Next, look and listen. What do you see? Does it make any sounds? It is always a surprise when children hear something during this exercise (and they often do). Finally, put one raisin in your mouth. Don’t chew yet— notice the texture—how does it feel on your tongue? When you finally eat the raisin, ask your children what they taste? Try again with another raisin. Do they notice anything different?

4. Open Your Heart with Yoga: Heart opening poses can help us stay healthy and ward off all of those nasty bugs in the air. Try practicing a few poses with your kids, like Bridge, Cobra, Fish or Camel Pose. Don't know how to get into the pose? Check out Yoga Journal's pose directory here.


Stay safe out there!