Parenting Coaching

Are you searching for ways to feel more connected as a parent?

From busy schedules to the balancing act of raising children, parents have an infinite number of demands. In the hustle and bustle of life, it is easy to forget about your needs and focus solely on the needs of your children. As they say, you must always put the oxygen mask on yourself before putting it on your child—one cannot expect to be fully present to their child without feeling that presence within.

All parents experience struggles with their children—you might find yourself losing patience with your child’s changing mood or become frustrated when they will not communicate their needs. It might be difficult to set consistent boundaries, or you may feel deflated with your child’s fluctuating behavior. No matter the struggle, the ability to stay present with your child and build awareness of your own thoughts, feelings and reactions are the greatest challenges of mindful parenting.

Parenting coaching can help you become a more mindful parent.

All parents can benefit from the guidance and support of parenting coaching sessions. I structure sessions to your specific needs and focus on goals as they relate to you and your family. You can improve your relationship with your child by focusing on yourself first, and that is why we always start with YOU.  Once you’ve gotten the oxygen you need and learned strategies in self-care, we can focus on goals as they relate to your child.

What type of goals can we work on during parenting coaching sessions?

  • Active listening (Listening with full attention on your child).

  • Consistency in co-parenting.

  • Emotional awareness.

  • Improving communication patterns between you and your child.

  • Helping your child become independent.

  • How to live in the moment.

  • Limit setting and behavioral plans.

  • Self-regulation during stressful encounters with your child.

Who can participate in parenting coaching sessions?

Parenting coaching sessions are ideal for individual parents or parent teams. Sessions are also beneficial for those who are transitioning into the role of parent for the first time. Children are included in parenting coaching sessions when applicable to the goals at hand.

For more information, contact me here or call me at (917) 409-7042 for a free, consultation phone call. I am happy to discuss any concerns and answer any questions about parenting coaching.