I went to Michelle’s workshop hoping to get tips on ways to help my kids in the moments that I couldn’t. Those moments when they are so caught up in anger or embarrassment that they just can’t hear me anymore. I got that and so much more. Not only have I learned wonderful action steps to share with my girls, but it also reminded me that as a parent I too can get caught in the moment - reacting versus responding in a way that helps. I’d highly recommend Michelle’s workshops to any parent looking for positive ways to connect with their children and themselves.
— Heather, Parent
Michelle is a gifted and enthusiastic speaker. We were fortunate enough to host her at Union Square Practice, a multidisciplinary practice of psychologists, psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, and other clinicians, who were looking to enhance their understanding of yoga-infused mental health practices. Michelle drew on her experience both as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Registered Yoga and Mindfulness Instructor to engage my colleagues in a very informative and productive introductory conversation about how to use mindfulness and yoga to enhance therapy with clients, especially children and families. Her emphasis on wellness and self-care resonated with us as helping professionals who endeavor to focus on growth and strengths in our clients. In addition to her vast knowledge and clear expertise, what really impressed us was Michelle’s tremendous warmth and ease, especially when engaging us in experiential exercises including focused breathing, mountain pose, and listening exercises. We particularly loved her “calm-down” jars! Michelle brought handouts and props, and was very clearly prepared and ready to share some of her knowledge with us. I would give Michelle my very highest recommendation both personally and professionally, she’s a true gem! Thanks again Michelle, we’d love to have you return.
— Laura Paret, PhD Clinical Psychologist