Are you a parent who would like to learn how to use mindfulness and yoga to help support your child's wellbeing?

Are you a professional who wants to improve your self-care routine with mindfulness and yoga?

I present workshops and professional development on topics, such as the benefits of utilizing mindfulness and yoga for kids with stress and anxiety, how to breathe as a family, mindful parenting and the use of mindfulness and yoga for self-care. I am happy to prepare a presentation or workshop based on your specific needs.

Please contact me here or call me at (917) 409-7042 for more information.

Michelle’s emphasis on wellness and self-care resonated with us as helping professionals who endeavor to focus on growth and strengths in our clients. In addition to her vast knowledge and clear expertise, what really impressed us was Michelle’s tremendous warmth and ease, especially when engaging us in experiential exercises including focused breathing, mountain pose, and listening exercises. We particularly loved her “calm-down” jars!
— Laura Paret, PhD Clinical Psychologist